Military Court of Chile accused of anti-mapuche polacy.
Temuco, Chile.

Members of the "Council of all the lands", qualified the detention of their Mapuche leader Aucán Huilcamán as a serious repression with colonialist features, characteristic of a antimapuche hysteria." The Council of All the Lands also formulated a call to the Mapuche communities to sympathize with the detainees and to stay firm in the recuperción of its lands.

In december of this year, the Military Court of Temuco ordered the prosecution of the spokesman Huilcamán among other directing Mapuches. Those processed are without possibility of opting freedom by deposit, because the military justice considered that they are a danger for the Chilean society.

Huilcamán and the other four Mapuches are processed because of mistreating numbers of officers during a raid of the Council headquarters, months ago. When knowing the sentence, Huilcamán screamed to the Government and the Court, affirming that the "dictatorship continues in this country." On the 11th of this week there will be a mega Mapuche protest march to sympathize with the Mapuche Prisoners in Temuco city.