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September 30th 2014
Two Indigenous Mapuche Special Envoy from Chile at event in Amsterdam.
The Netherlands.
Indigenous People Celebrate 522 years of Resistance

Indigenous Mapuche representatives José Catrilao and Manuel Chocori are two "Werken" (Special Envoy) of the communities in resistance at southern Chile, they will participate at the event of "522 years of Indigenous Resistance at OT301" on October 11th.

Upon an invitation of the regional working group in Cologne (Germany) of the "Society for Threatened Peoples" they will make a political journey (Trip) through countries like Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium during the month October 2014.

The reason for this trip is to inform in Europe about the situation and the struggle of its community who suffers violations of human rights. Both of them are worried about the criminalization of the Mapuche People and its demands.

In corporation with "Society for Threatened Peoples" they make a plea for the abolition of the anti-terror law. Another important concern is the treat of the imprisoned spiritual leader the "Machi" (spiritual leader).

The two Mapuche spokesmen ask for help and to put more political pressure on the Chile's government of Mrs. Michelle Bachelet to comply with the ILO 169 convention on the special treatment and improvement of prison conditions regarding indigenous people.

The convention about indigenous peoples assures that indigenous can freely practice their religion and culture even in prison. This special treatment for spiritual authorities is only partly guaranteed.