Friday, April 12th 2019
Musician Veronica Castro receives Mrs. Juana Calfunao
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

LonkoMapuche member from Chile, Juana Calfunao will arrive in The Netherlands on April 10th. On Friday 12 there will be a meeting with her at Casa Migrante to inform about her experience as a Mapuche political leader, also about the repression and militarization of the Indigenous territory in the Araucania region that is being invaded by the forestry, mining and other industries.

Mrs. Juana Calfunao will be assisted by Zulma Villa Vilchez, consultant and researcher of International Law on Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples.

Adopted Mapuche children, an unspoken issue.

Many adopted Mapuche are living in different countries in Europe, how they have ended up here and how this adoption took place?

María Angélica Stodart is one of the Mapuche infants who were robbed and later illegally adopted in Europe. She will be also at Casa Migrante to tell her story.

From: 6:00 PM
Casa Migrante:
Van Ostadestraat 268
1073 TV Amsterdam