October 2008
Arauco Malleco Coordinating Committee (CAM) Informs from Choque
Unto the latest events in the area of Choque Tirua, the communications commission of the CAM informs the following:

1. On Wednesday October the 15th, the Chilean National Police entered into the Mapuche community of Choque in persecution of the productive reclamation process being held in the "La Puntilla" estate. They were expulsed by the community members, and sought refuge in usurper, Santos Jorquera's household.

2. Santos Jorquera was a well-known collaborator of the military dictatorship's security organizations (DINA and CNI). His house was used as a detention and torture centre, where many of our pu peñi [brothers] and pu lagmen [sisters] of the communities of Choque, Ranquilhue and Miquihue were held. Reason for which our community has reprimanded him in multiple occasions.

3. A new operative has been launched against the communities of Choque, with the objective of protecting Santos Jorquera, producing new confrontations to the early hours of the mourning, with defence from Mapuche resistance groups.4. Due to this situation, the repression against the communities of Choque and its surroundings has intensified in the last few days, rai ding homes, arbitrary control and detentions.

5. We denounce the fact that Santos Jorquera has once again opened his property and home for the use of an illegal detention and interrogation centre; place where many of the Mapuche community members apprehended from inner access roads to the Choque communities have been taken , where many have been victim to illegal reprisals.

Communications Commissions - CAM
October 19th, 2008

Distributed by: The Women's Coordinating Committee Chile-Canada [Toronto]