January 15, 2010
Public Statement of:
The C.A.M. about the death of the Warrior: Matias Catrileo.

We inform our Mapuche People, national and international opinion that as the Arauco Malleco Coordinator of Communities in Conflict:

We firmly reject the CONDITIONAL TWO YEAR SENTENCE applied by the city of Valdivia’s Military Prosecutor to their colleague, Walter Ramirez of the Special Police Force Unit, whom cowardly murdered Peñi [brother] Matias Catrileo with a machine gun shot to the back, during a peaceful reclamation on the Jorge Luchsinger estate.

The results are extremely unfortunate, which now more than ever clearly demonstrates that Chile’s only interest lies in our lands and our natural resources. However, we as children of the land will continue to defend it and ousting all those who want to take over our territories.

What the Chilean Justice system has done in applying this unjust conviction to a murderer is an outrage to our Mapuche Communities, and it is clear that a Mapuche is only worth 24 signatures for the Chilean State. However, there are numerous Peñi [brothers] that have been convicted and processed across different prisons; accused of many infractions where the Justice System of this Racist and Oppressive State applies specific laws (such as the Antiterrorist and the Interior Security State Laws), where convictions are over 10 years in prison, for the sole fact of struggling for the restitution of our legitimate Rights that have been systematically negated and violated by the Chilean State to the Mapuche People.

But as our Weichafe [Warrior] Matias Catrileo would say: “We are not the natives of Chile; we are Mapuche. We are a separate nation. We were born in the territory and if we have to die struggling, WE WILL DIE STRUGGLING FOR WHAT IS OURS.”

We call out on all Mapuche communities and organization to demonstrate your discontent by carrying out actions of condemnation, against this vile oppressor and murderer, as well as to all those casting ballots this Sunday to mark your vote with the slogan FREE MAPUCHE.


Our best Homage will be to continue resisting and struggling for the Liberation of Our Mapuche Nation!
With Our HEROES LEFTRARO, PELANTARO, LEMUN, MATIAS CATRILEO and Jaime Mendoza Collio (and others), we will continue advancing for:


Mapuche Arauco Malleco Coordinator (CAM)
Coordinadora Mapuche Arauco Malleco (CAM)

Distributed by:
The Women’s Coordinating Committee Chile-Canada