10 of February 2010
Chile: The Persecution of a Mapuche Communicator.

Editor and member of the Mapuche information Network Werken Kvrruf and Mapuche Radio Wixageanai, Richard Curinao, became a victim of persecution by the Chilean Police.

Today at eleven o'clock in the morning, members of the Chilean(PDI) police unit arrived at his work to confiscate computers and portable hard disc. Also a laptop(notebook) of Curinao was taken for further investigation.

Shortly after that, the PDI troops moved into the house of Richard Curinao, located in Cerro Navia, where police continuous their search for more Mapuche materials. Such as 74 Cd's wich contains Mapuche documentaries, all home video's, Cellular chip cards, Sd image cards, personal agenda, address of all Mapuche contacts.

The official order was given by the prosecutor Sergio Moya from Temuco City "the cause for which I am being investigated as a Mapuche communicator is the latest bombing in southern Chile, specifically the post of the Mapuche resistance C.A.M. that I have rebounded and uploaded to my blog" ended Richard Curinao.

The Web Blog of Curinao on the internet: