Monday, August 18, 2008
Chile: Ranch set in fire, the Public Prosecutor’s will not tolerate impunity for arson.
El Mercurio Online.

Twelve hooded assailants set fire to the Santa Rosa Ranch in Araucanía yesterday, threatening the inhabitants and destroying all of the facilities located on the property of farmer Eduardo Luchsinger.

SANTIAGO.- The National Public Prosecutor, Sabas Chahuán, stated today that the state will not tolerate arson attacks such as the one reported this weekend in the Araucanía Region after the Arauco Malleco Association claimed responsibility for the violent acts by way of an email message.

The head of the Public Ministry said that clear measures have already been established to prosecute the crime and indicated that two prosecutors have been exclusively assigned to the case.

In light of the incident, Chahuán announced that the prosecution will be harsher than before, stressing that the ministry intends to send a clear message that these types of crimes will not be tolerated, regardless of who commits them.

According to Radio Bio Bío, Chahuán called the attack a step backwards in attempts to control the Mapuche conflict.

On Sunday of this past weekend, twelve hooded individuals violently broke into the Santa Rosa Ranch, which belongs to 79 year-old Eduardo Luchsinger, threatening the man’s family and burning down all facilities located on the property.