Saturday 21st April, 2007; 9.00 – 18.00 hrs; Main room at IUED, Geneva, Switzerland.
Conference about:
"Experiences for self-determination of peoples and nations”

First dialogue-conference about experiences of struggles for the right to self-determination of peoples and nations.

The right for self-determination of peoples and nations is the right of any people to decide on its own form of government, to pursue its economic, social and cultural development and to organize itself freely, without external interferences and according to the principle of equality.

The debate around collective rights of peoples (specifically culturally identifiable populations), the concepts of Sovereign states, territories and nations, play an increasingly important role in the political and cultural debate, at national and international level.

This is why we would like to debate these concepts and to learn about different experiences, objectives and results in different countries. This is not just an academic debate. We want to learn from practical experiences of different peoples and nations. We will seek to understand how this process developed in each country in practical terms. Self-determination processes will transform countries, will enable the development of a better society, addressing and solving political and cultural challenges of this new century.

We invite you to share your experience and meet other people from peoples and nations who fight for their self determination.

Represented peoples/nations: Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Saharawi People, Palestine, Mapuche People, Mutuales Argentina, México, among others.

Due to limited space, please confirm your participation to: Hayin Ray Antileo, Tel 022- 7350872, e-mail: 

“Bajare de los volcanes como fuego encendido armada de canciones y palabras nuevas, porque en 500 años nunca han podido dispararme en la boca”. (Patricia Leufman, poetisa mapuche).


Organized by :
Asociación de Chilenos de Ginebra ACRG
Comisión de apoyo al pueblo Mapuche
International Defensory for the Rights of Peoples DIDEPU
And in collaboration with the  Meli Wixan Mapu organization in Chile