Saturday, 06 March 2010.
Mapuche Indigenous People Affected By Chilean Earthquake.

The human and material losses are increasing with the passage of the hours in the city of Concepcion and neighboring towns, such as some Mapuche indigenous communities located near the epicenter of the quake of 8.8 degrees on the Richter scale.

This earthquake was recorded as the second strongest in the world history, surpassing the levels and impacts of the earthquake in Chile in 1985. This time left over 700 dead in the rubble and it was obvious that the consequences would be felt in other cities in the country.

National authorities reported several landslides, including houses, old buildings, schools, hospitals and prisons, which were attempts to riots.

In the particular case of the Autonomous John Quintremil, suffered multiple losses and the Mapuche community gathered at the home of the elderly mother of Victor Marilao Lonko: Carmen Mariqueo.

The indigenous inhabitants were half dressed and with blankets over their children remained in vigil by their traditional bonfire.

"Favorably all our families and children suffered no physical damage is only the collective endeavor of starting the mingaco to raise a couple of Mapuche family homes, which sank and broke in two places", said some residents.

Meanwhile, in Temuco are dozens of houses and buildings completely collapsed and dozens of cars crushed by these landslides.

For its part, the institutions of emergency, military and police institutions, with fire and rescue volunteers are at all and solve the multiple structural damage and to provide the absolute drinking water scarce.

In this sense, the Mapuche community leaders demanded that the government, besides the immediate response through these institutions to take immediate direct economic measures with the most dispossessed.

On the other hand, in place of Araucania felt more negative impact of the earthquake because this is one of the regions with the highest poverty rate and hundreds of thousands are Mapuche smallholder.

Source: Servindi.