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Wallmapu(chile), July 20 of 2009
Mapuche community of Cacique Manuel Levia, Starts Recovery Of Ancestral Land.

Mapuche community Rayen Mapu of Cacique Manuel Levia, Starts recovery of ancestral Mapuche land.

Hereby we declare, that the Mapuche community of Manuel Levia, at Ercilla, IX Region Malleco Province.
Decided to declare the conflict to 5 plots adjacent to the Community Folil Mapu. One of these belongs to the Mininco Company, Matte Group and the other four belong to individuals: Julio Molina, Jose Sanchez, Rolo Lagos and Rafael Seitz. The total area that we reclaim is around 400 hectares. Incidentally, one of the most vulnerable sector since the outbreak of the "conflict" ensures the communities to recover their territories.

This process of land reclamation is part of the reconstruction of the ancestral land of the Mapuche people and their autonomy, therefore, we call upon all the Mapuche communities to continue reclaiming and recover their land.

Marrichiweu (Ten times we will overcome).
Free the political Mapuche prisoners.