Thursday, 26th of april 2007
Hunger strike of the Mapuche political prisoner Héctor Llaitul.

Comité Lefxaru por la liberación de los Presos Políticos MapuChe comunícate what's follows

Hector Llaitul

image: Mapuche political prisoner Héctor Llaitul

Press release

After 14 days of indefinite hunger strike of the Mapuche political prisoner Héctor Llaitul, who is committed in the fight of the MapuChe nation we communicate what's follows :
As Héctor Llaitul said “ we are in front of a new political and legal farce coming from a racist and fascist Chilean state. A farce that not only put me in jail but, moreover it does not allow me to be near of my family and segregate me to be near of my brothers that are MapuChe political prisoners too”. In adding, we must say that Héctor is located in an isolated cell in the sickbay area that's belongs to the Temuco prison, he is separated from the rest of the prisoners and doesn't have the permission to be out in the patio nor at the Gym, plus he doesn't have natural Light in his cell.

At this moment there are no proves against him, except for a supposed statement made by a Mapuche brother, this statement would have been done by the intelligence service of the police, who forced Roberto Painemil to sign with illegal force and threatened against his family.

Héctor asked several times for fair trial and the relocation to the Angol prison near of his family and the rest of the Mapuche political prisoners, this request has been denied, that's why we call to show one´s solidarity in this indefinite hunger strike, by making all kind of protest and mobilizations against the oppressive state that keeps 18 more Mapuche in different prisons around the country.

Finally, we believe that recovering our lands we can reconstruct our nation, in that way we are able to advance to the liberation of the Mapuche nation.

We also make a call to all the community's, to keep fighting against the transnational inter prices supported by the Chilean state. For the freedom of all our Mapuche political prisoners.

AMULEPE TAYIÑ WEICHAN. Our struggle continues

Marici Wev pu Peñi ka pu lamien !!

Comité Lefxaru por la liberación de los Presos Políticos MapuChe.

Thursday, 26th of april 2007