3the of january 2008
Mapuche group attests that member was killed during a police confrontation.
Fuente :Iván Fredes, El Mercurio Online

Leaders of the Malleco Arauco Group said that the incident occurred on Jorge Luchsinger's property. Police however, have not yet confirmed this information.

TEMUCO.- Leaders of the Arauco Malleco Group maintained today that a young mapuche boy was killed during a confrontation with police at Santa Margarita homestead. The property in the Ninth Region belongs to farmer Jorge Luchsinger.

The young man, Matías Valentín Catrileo Quezada, was studying Agricultural Science at La Frontera University in Temuco.

The leaders indicated that the boy's body is located at La Roca school in a rural area of Vilcún near Luschsinger's land. Police officials however, have not yet confirmed this information.

Police have only confirmed that a group of twenty hooded individuals attacked Luschsinger's ranch early this morning, burning 60 of the 150 bales of hay that were being stored there.

If verified, the incident represents the most severe case since the death of Mapuche member Alez Lemún in November of 2003. Lemún was killed during a confrontation at the Santa Elena homestead, in the town of Ercilla.