Mapuche Myth in English
The Bride and the Skull.

Mapuche myth

Somewhere in Mapuche land, a Lonko was worried about his children (pichi che), because their mother left them not a long time ago, as he felt alone he got married again, but he didn't knew, nor suspect his new wife was evil and very jealous of her beautifully stepdaughter.

The woman hated the idea that Mayen, the Lonko's daughter, will be married to a handsome and a younger man. To prevent the wedding she went to a Calcu (witch) for help, who prepared a magical potion, the Calcu mixed some of a young warrior's slivers bones with roots, snakes and spider poison.

The stepmother offered to brush the bride her hair and took the chance to spread the potion on Mayen's face.

According to the Mapuche tradition the bridegroom had to kidnap the bride during the night, but, such a big surprise, Mayen's face had become a skull, so the bridegroom frightened ran away.

Mayen went to the most powerful Machi of the area, who told her that she would recover her face if she could find all the bones of the dead Mapuche warrior (Weichafe) that has been used to prepare the potion.

Very sad she wend into the forest, when she was eating she saw an ant with a trapped leg, she set it free and the insect really gratefully told her: dig here! - dig here!

Using her hands Mayen made a hole and she found some of the warrior's bone, many days after the young woman heard a huemul moaning., she got closer, took the the arrows off and cure its wound, so the deer gratefully told her: dig here! - dig here!

The only thing that was missing, was the warriors skull to complete the skeleton.

Weeks after Mayen heard a big cat roaring, she looked for it to help him and the puma as reward gave her something to drink, the container was a skull.

Amazed she looked up as the bones were join together again and life return to the Mapuche warrior's body, she had recovered her beauty too. She got married with the Mapuche warrior and they lived very happy with the puma...........