august 31 2006.
Murder of Mapuche by Chilean Police.
indigenous leaders accused several police of unjustified violence

Santiago, Chile, Aug 31 (Prensa Latina) Chilean Senator Alejandro Navarro and indigenous leader Aucan Huilcaman accused several police of unjustified violence in the murder of an elderly Mapuche man and the wounding of two of his children.

Sgt. Juan Mariman, Cpls. Pablo Quezada and Gloria Ferreira, and agents Jose Macaya and Hugo Guerrero were involved in the incident on Monday.

The police cannot just come and kill someone, as if saving an animal were more important than killing a Mapuche, the denunciation said.

Police sources said they were investigating theft of cattle by a group of indigenous people.

The police aver that when they arrived at the home of the Collihuin Catril and the Collihuin Llanculef families sometime after midnight, the Mapuches attacked them with a shotgun and shovels. However, none of the police showed signs of injury.

If they were attacked, at least they should have a bruise, contended one of the daughters of the elderly man who was killed.

She declared this time they will use anything in their defense if the police again show up at their house.