Dec 20 2007
Chile Welcomes Mapuche Cuban University Grads.
Santiago de Chile.

Santiago de Chile, Dec 20 (Prensa Latina) Authorities and residents of Tamuco, in the Araucania region of Chile, welcomed almost 30 young Mapuche graduates of different university specialities in Cuba with festive activities Thursday.

In the presence of Lonkos, Machis, Werkens and Mapuche representatives from Araucania, 430 miles south of Santiago, the graduates in medicine, sports, biochemistry, and other professions expressed gratitude to Cuban President Fidel Castro for their education.

Tirua Mayor Adolfo Millabur and indigenous activists Francisco Caquilpan and Juan Antonio Painecura emphasized the important contribution of the Latin American Medical School, which has graduated hundreds of professionals from poor communities.

They presented representatives of the Cuban Embassy, Olga Fernandez Rios and Fernando Garcia Bielsa, with an oil painting inspired by Mapuche traditions.

Garcia Bielsa expressed his confidence that the graduates will be able to continue their vocation of service to help the needy and integrate their knowledge with the wisdom of Mapuche traditional medicine.

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