February 9, 2016
Hollywood actress calls for a halt to the hydroelectric invasion of the Araucanía
Hollywood, USA.

The actress Qorianka Kilcher signed and promoted a petition through social media that will be presented to the Chilean government at the beginning of March 2016 and that calls for a halt to the hydroelectric invasion and looting of the ancestral territories of the Araucanía Region.

“Many of these projects continue with the absolute transgression of local wishes, the social ruptures caused by the intervention of companies and the threats posed to sacred locations for the Mapuche People all constitute emergency situations that should be paid attention to by public authorities and civil servants in order to put an end to abuses, such as those that have been taking place in communities of Curacautín, Curarrehue, Pitrufquen-Freire, Melipeuco, Collipulli, Cunco, among others”, as was stated in part of the missive regarding the 25 energy projects that were approved in the Araucanía Region in the last few years and with concern to the latest announcements made by the Ministry of Energy which have 40 hydroelectric power stations and more than 100 small hydro projects planned.

Qorianka, apart from being an actress, is also a dancer and singer, and has been a consistent activist for the rights of and justice for Indigenous Peoples, as well as a staunch defender of the Amazon and in evident opposition of oil extraction and corrupt governments, who even chained herself to the White House in the United States to call attention to the human rights and predation issues that the Amazonian territories are currently facing.

The actress was born in Cuzco, Peru on February 11, 1990, to a father who is a Peruvian artist of indigenous Quechua – Huachipaeri - descent and a mother who is a defender of human rights of Swiss ancestry and was born in Alaska.

She has made a significant contribution to film during her artistic career with her roles in various well-known films; the most prominent being her starring role as Pocahontas in the film The New World (2005). As well as in films such as Barbarian Princess (2009), where she played Victoria Kaiulani; or How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000).

Kilcher has not only been aware of the issues facing the Amazonian Indigenous Peoples, she has also kept a finger on the pulse of the current situation of the Mapuche People and sent greetings to these lands and their inhabitants from the United States: “I send my best regards to the WallMapu territory; territory of the Mapuche. I hope that you will continue to overcome obstacles. With love and respect… Qorianka”

It is not the first time that an international public figure has interceded in similar situations taking place in Chili. A few weeks ago, American actor Leonardo DiCaprio, after the approval of the Mediterráneo hydro project, shared a Twitter message to stand up for Río Puelo, which is to the east of the city Puerto Montt in the community of Cochamó in the Los Lagos Region of Chili.


By El Mostrador, February 9, 2016
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