Wednesday Jun 11th, 2008
Protest against the visit of Chile's President Michelle Bachelet to California USA.
by Miguel Astudillo ( ma_astudillo [at] )

We invite you to participate peacefully at this protest to be held on Thursday June 12, 2008 at 4pm outside the International House at the Chevron Auditorium at 2299 Piedmont Avenue, Berkeley (corner of Bancroft Way).
Bring signs, and your musical instruments.
For more Information please call Pancho Pescador (510) 714-0127

Let Bachelet know that we are aware of the ongoing repression against the mapuche and the student movement; That we are aware of her neoliberal agenda working close with multinational corporations and selling the country to the highest bidder.

"The Transformation of Chile"???

To all the Chileans and to the International Community in the Bay Area, this is a call to participate in a protest at the University of California, Berkeley. Michelle Bachelet, the President of Chile, has been officially invited by our republican governor, Arnold Schwartznegger and will be speaking about the economic cooperation agreements reached between her government and California. These agreements were reached by the political and economic elites of both countries behind closed doors.

This is why we believe it is necessary and urgent to expose the false image that the government of the Concertacion in Chile is attempting to show the international community and we repudiate and reject this “Transformation of Chile” that this government proposes.

We want to denounce the repression and systematic imprisonment of the Mapuche people.
We demand the unconditional and immediate release of the Mapuche political prisoners. (Info about Mapuche struggle)

We demand the immediate release of the documentary filmmaker, Elena Varela, arrested for documenting the reality of the Mapuche communities and the battle being waged against them by the forestry companies (see link of trailer of the documentary that has been confiscated by the intelligence services in Chile)

We demand the abolition of the Anti Terrorist Law, which was imposed by the Pinochet dictatorship and continues to be utilized by the government of the Concertacion to imprison Mapuche leaders and activists in general.(link click aquí to learn more about the Antiterrorism Law).

We demand the immediate abolition of the General Education Law which will completely privatize public education in Chile. We also demand an end to the repression being waged against the student movement. (Info about the student movement in Chile in link)

We demand a stop to the construction of hydroelectric dams in the Patagonia that are stealing the natural resources in the south of Chile that belong first and foremost to the original peoples of Chile. Info in link:

We ask for an end to the destruction of the glaciers in the Andes mountains due to exploitation of gold and other minerals by the mining company Barrick Gold in the Pascua Lama project. Info in link: