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On Thursday 2th of june 2011
Candlelight Vigil in solidarity with the Mapuche prisoners in Chile.
The Hague, The Netherlands

Mapuche Prisoners

The Hague, The Netherlands

The Mapuche prisoners reach today a hunger-strike of 76 days, demanding a fair trial in a civil court.
It has been difficult to defend their case because of the use of anonymous witnesses by the prosecutor and they risk a sentence
up to 25 years of prison. For more information:

The vigil will be held on: Thursday, 2th of June 2011

At the Chilean Embassy
Mauritskade 51
2514 HG The Hague, The Netherlands

Time: 14:00 Hours.
Organization: Foundation FOLIL

There will be also other indigenous peoples such as the Alifuru (Clark Shemuel) and The Papua (Oridek Ap).

During the candle vigil there will be music by the Chilean singer Veronica Castro.