6th of june 2011
Family of Mapuche Political Prisoners Join Hunger Strike.

Today, the family of the Mapuche Political Prisoners began their hunger strike, including that of Pamela Pezoa and Hernan Llaitul (wife and brother to Hector Llaitul respectively); Juana Raiman (mother to Jose Hueneche); and Natividad Llanquileo (sister to Ramon Llanquileo). This action is made to condemn the sentence of the Supreme Court which convicts our Pu Weichafe (Warriors), and moreover join them in the decision to go forward to the final consequences.

The Mapuche Political Prisoners and their family call out to CONTINUE THE MOBILIZATIONS, in actions to expose this injustice. End the application of the Anti-terrorist Law and the criminalization of Mapuche ancestral demands!

Freedom for Our Mapuche Political Prisoners!
Towards the reconstruction and liberation of Our Nation!
In resistance and dignity to continue the struggle.

Wichan al Día

Distributed by:
The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu
WCCC [Toronto]