Wallmapu, January 13, 2009
Chilean Police Forces carried out another raid at the Mapuche area.
Yeupeko, Vilcun

Public Communique

We inform our People, and the National and International community the following:

1. Special Chilean Police Forces carried out another raid at the Lof [area] of Yeupeko, in the township of Vilcun, this mourning Tuesday January 13, 2009. Yet another encroachment to the Mapuche Nation.

2. At 5:30 am, two buses and close to 10 trucks burst into the community, kicking down doors, pointing their guns at women and children. They damaged the community households in search of so called "terrorists."

3. It is because of this act and tired of the constant harassments on behalf of the Chilean State, its Interior Ministry, and its Police lackeys that the Yeupeko Community decided to confront this new raid.

4. While the police lackeys spread throughout the countryside in this part of Wallmapu, the pu Weichafe [the Warriors] of Yeupeko ambushed the police, developing into an armed confrontation between them and the police for over 15 minutes.

5. Unto this, the police decided to abandon the site, without any injury on either side.

6. We would like to point out that the harassment towards this community has been systematic and constant, of which has already cost the life of a community member. The Weichafe [Warrior] Matias Catrileo.

7. Lastly, despite the fact that the anniversary of our murdered Weichafe was less than ten days ago, this new raid has shown the true colours of the Capitalist Regime and its State, which is willing to continue with their old ways. Meaning: to beat and discriminate those who are willing to resist in our Wallmapu. Despite this, the combativeness of our Mapuche People keeps rising and the police will find it that much harder to come in and beat our elders.

"We are not the natives of Chile, we are Mapuche, we are different. We are a people that have always been here; that was born on this land and will die here. We will die fighting for this land. We are not Chile; we are Mapuche, and we will never forget that." - Matias Catrileo

Distributed by: The Women's Coordinating Committee Chile-Canada