May 27 of 2023
Mapuche documentary in support of communities in resistance
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

La Ternura Film Mapuche documentary in support of communities in resistance with music and performance

La Ternura «Tenderness: The call of the Ñuke Mapu (Mother Earth)»
A film inspired by the story of Julio Huentecura LLankaleo.

Location: "Nieuwland"
Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93
Starting at: 18:30
Entrance: Donation

Mapuche spokesperson in The Netherlands: Maria Railaf
Performance: Alex Mora (Germany)
Music: Kuriche (Amsterdam)


After 25 years without seeing each other, two friends wants to repeat a trip that marked their live, armed with an old borrowed camera, they met a Mapuche communitie in the province of Malleko.

The Mapuche were recovering their ancestral territory, occupied by forestry companies. Multinationals and its mono culture of pine and eucalyptus, which already generated terrible damage, drying up the water and contaminating the air and soil with poisons.

A group of students was accompanied by a young Mapuche warrior who later was murdered in a Santiago prison, Julio Huentecura LLankaleo.