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October 10th, 2019
Panel Discussion on Fair Climate Policy at Pakhuis De Zwijger
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

On October 10th, a large Dutch publication called Trouw held an event in Amsterdam in honour of their Sustainable 100 awards. The purpose of the event was to offer a platform for discussion and open dialogue about different themes surrounding sustainability, climate change and the environment.

A panel discussing the topic 'How to achieve a fair climate policy for everyone?" was moderated by Antoin Deul, the founder of Nature's Narrative and director at Spring House. The panel's first participant, Heske Verburg, Director of Solidaridad, an organisation working to promote more sustainable supply chains that is located in the Netherlands but active around the world, began the discussion. It became clear when discussing fair climate transition that many factors are involved when considering what is 'fair'. Questions about the role of consumers and their product choices, as well as the difficulty of ensuring that the producers of agricultural products are paid in accordance with their services arose. Also, it appears to still be a challenge to determine the 'true price' of goods and make sure that price is paid at the beginning of the supply chain, rather than getting lost among payments to intermediaries in the production process, even with the advent of fair trade products.

The indigenous perspective on the issue of fair climate transition was presented in the panel by Rafael Railaf of Mapuche Foundation FOLIL, based in the Netherlands. Rafael explained that indigenous peoples traditionally have a strong relationship with nature and this is still true today, and often these communities are perceived as an obstacle to modern developments because of this. This is partially due to the fact that some development projects, which have noble goals (for example, to improve sustainability) don't take native populations into account and as a result, can have harmful consequences for these communities. As indigenous peoples are on the front lines of the climate crisis, they should be given more opportunities to discuss their perspective and share their insights, Rafael determined that one of the most important points to achieve a fair climate transition, would be to make sure that indigenous voices are considered, respected and heard.

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