November 14, 2019
Remembrance on Camilo Catrillanca, Mapuche killed by police violence in Chile
Dam Square Amsterdam, The Netherlands - From: 5pm to 7 pm
Camilo Catrillanca

Catrillanca was killed by Chilean police violence on November 14, of 2018 in the Mapuche community of Temucuicui. A community located some 600 kilometers south of Santiago City, during an operation carried out by a unit of Special Forces of Carabineros and called the "Tactical Reaction Group," and known in the press as the "Jungle Commando".

A teenager who was traveling next to Catrillanca, identified by the initials MACP, who was the primary witness of his death, was arrested along with three other people, but his arrest was declared to have been illegal, and he was released. He reported he had been severely beaten by the police during his arrest.

The National Institute of Human Rights announced a criminal complaint for the torture to which MACP had been subjected during his detention.

Video evidence was destroyed and the Chilean government of Sebastian
Piñera supported the brutal police action, till today no justice has be done.

Indigenous Mapuche people killed by police violence in Chile are;

- Camilo Marcelo Catrillanca Marín (November 14 2018, age 24)
- Jaime Facundo Mendoza Collío (August 12 2009, age 24)
- Matías Valentín Catrileo Quezada (January 3 2008, age 22)
- Johnny Cariqueo Yañez (March 31 2008, age 23)
- Juan Collihuin Catril (August 2006, age 71)
- Xenón Alfonso Díaz Necul (October 10 2005, age 16)
- Julio Alberto Huentecura Llancaleo (September 26, 2004)
- Jorge Antonio Suárez Marihuan (December 11 2002)
- Edmundo Alex Lemun Saavedra (November 12 2002, age 17)

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