May 25, 2019
Chilean Adoptees Worldwide EU - International Conference
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

CAW (Chilean Adoptees Worldwide Network) is pleased to announce an adoption-event on a European scale for which we like to invite you.



This event will take place in Amsterdam on the 25th of May, 2019. The venue is a nice and fine place next to the water called “The Mandela-house”. Our event will host Chilean Adoptees and anyone who is connected to them, however, it is not limited to only Adoptees from Chile. We have also invited several other organizations, dealing with Adoptees from other countries. This in order to give the event a certain aspect to reflect a broader point of view.

Location & Time:
Sixhavenweg 27, 1021 HG Amsterdam
From 10:00 AM till 8:00 PM UTC+02

Your host: María Angélica Stodart

Key Speakers;

Merly H. Sanhueza Lavin
A Chilean mother who lost her twins due to an illegal adoption

Peter Osendarp
An adoptive father of a Chilean Adoptee

Alejandro Quezada (CAW Chile)
Chilean Adoptee, about the double identity and CAW in Chile

Jessica Pincheira (CAW Belgium)
Chilean Adoptee, who met her biological family for the first time

Céline Nana Kun (CAW Netherlands)
Chilean Adoptee, About how to give birth to yourself

Margarita Soledad Assettati (CAW Italy)
About the Chilean Adoptees in Italy

Invited Speakers;

Hilbrand W.S. Westra - Adoption Coach
“A Trauma approach of the Adoptee Experience”

Caroline Forrester
An inside view on Peruvian Adoptions

Christof Bex (Cristóbal Díaz)
Between colonialism and modernity:
A decolonial and feminist perspective on
transnational adoption from Latin America

Lynelle Long
Vietnamese Adoptee and founder of ICAV

Karen M. Alfaro - Dra. en Historia
Académica Universidad Austral de Chile
International Adoptions of Children during
the dictatorship in Chile: 1973-1990

Special invited musician are:

Verónica Castro (song) & Hernán Ruíz (guitarist ).

Live acoustic songs to be played during the day
"Gracias a la Vida" & "Cambia todo cambia".



It is meant to be an interactive event where at the end of each presentation there will be time for Questions and Answers.