June 3, 2011
Chile, Mapuche Hunger Strike Day 81
Letter to Embassy of Chile in The Netherlands

Embassy of Chile in The Netherlands
51 Mauritskade
The Hague
The Netherlands
2514 HG

Dear Sirs,

In an expression of solidarity with four political prisoners who are on hunger strike against the Chilean government’s continued use of draconian anti-terrorism laws, Mapuche and non-Mapuche solidarity groups will formally register their concerns with the Chilean embassy today.
Mapuche foundation Folil and members of non Mapuche solidarity groups in the Netherlands also want to express their support. The government’s continued use – in open defiance of international pressure - of anti-terrorism legislation against indigenous activists.

The families of the men have also issued a plea for solidarity with the prisoners and reiterated their call for a new and fair trial with an independent, competent and impartial tribunal, without the application of Law 18.314, (the Chilean Anti-Terrorism Law).

This case is heavily reliant upon the evidence of unknown witnesses; and that the Public Prosecutor diverged from standard legal practice.

The four men, who currently face sentences of between 20 and 25 years, have been accused of belonging to Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (CAM) and of attacking a member of the Chilean judiciary. Under Chile’s notorious anti-terrorism law, which was first drafted by the fascist Pinochet regime, they are subject to trial by civilian and military courts. The present Chilean government continues to use this law against legitimate expressions of Mapuche resistance, a practice which openly contravenes its initial promise (September 2010) to the contrary.

After eighty one days without food the prisoners’ health is seriously jeopardised. They are pinning their hopes on a Supreme Court appeal (which us due on June 3) and upon their broader solidarity with supporters of the Mapuche cause.

Listen to our protest to oppose Chile’s continued abuse of due legal process and its indigenous people.

Yours sincerely, Rafael Railaf

Mapuche Foundation FOLIL
The Netherlands