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May 12, 2013
Final Declaration of the 2nd Trawun of the European Coordination to Support the Mapuche People (ECSM)
Brussels, Belgium

Trawun II

The European organizations Comabe (Belgium), FOLIL Foundation (Netherlands), FEWLA (Belgium), GfbV (Bonn and Cologne, Germany), GAM (Munich, Germany), Tierra y Libertad para Arauco (Paris, France), UNPO (Belgium, Netherlands), which work to raise awareness about the reality of the Mapuche, in solidarity and support, decided to meet in the city of Brussels from the 10 to the 12 May to hold a Trawun (reunion) between support groups.

This meeting was organized by Colectivo Fewla with the support of the FOLIL Foundation and the Collectif Alpha.

From Wallmapu (southern Chile) we could receive Werken (Mapuche Spokesman) of the Parliament of Koz Koz, Humberto Manquel.
The following organizations were also present through a videoconference: the General Coordinator of CLACPI (Jeannette Paillan), Mapuexpress (Alfedo Seguel), Comité de apoyo al Pueblo Mapuche en Noruega (Maria Esperidion), GfbV-Italy (Olivia Casagrande).

This meeting was held due to the necessity to assess and improve the coordination between the above-mentioned organizations.

The ECSM rejects the mega-projects that the Chilean State and the multinational companies Endesa-Enel and ENHOL want to carry out in the areas of Neltume and Curarrehue, in support with the resistance displayed by the Mapuche communities in Wallmapu (south of Chile).

Likewise, the ECSM categorically condemns the application of the Anti-Terrorism Law against the Mapuche People, which violates ratified treaties and covenants (for instance the ILO 169) regarding human rights and children’s rights. We denounce the violent raids against Mapuche communities and the incarceration of its traditional authorities by the Chilean State.

We call on the UN to interpolate the Chilean State about these numerous violations during the upcoming session of the Human Rights Committee, the Universal Periodic Review and the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

The member organizations of the ECSM express the desire to work in a coordinated fashion while taking into account the peculiarities and diversity of strategies of every organization.

The organizations emphasize the importance to reinforce the visibility of the European Coordination to Support the Mapuche People through joint actions.

The ECSM commits itself to:
1) Centralize the documentation, information and planning of activities of member organizations.
2) Strengthen joint work to denounce and raise awareness about the situation facing the Mapuche People
3) Continue advocacy work at the international institutions for the rights of the Mapuche People.

The fight for the freedom of the Mapuche political prisoners constitutes a crucial part of our work. We demand their immediate release.
Our struggle continues… Marrichiweu!!

European Coordination to Support the Mapuche People (ECSM)