May 5, 2016
Mapuche Foundation Takes Part in United Nations Conference
New York

Mapuche Foundation FOLIL, an organization founded in the Netherlands in 2000, will be participating in the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues 15th Session at the United Nations Headquarters from May 9th until May 13th.

Mapuche at the UN

FOLIL is an independent human rights organization whose members are made up solely of volunteers. Apart from giving information about the Mapuche’s culture and human rights issues in Chile, it also offers support to other Mapuche and Mapuche organizations.

The organization’s objective throughout the 15th session will be to contribute to a meaningful and constructive dialogue concerning the human rights – and challenges to those rights – faced by today’s indigenous communities throughout the globe generally and those faced by the Mapuche especially.

Themes such as the Mapuche language, Mapuzungun, the adherence to and respect of the indigenous population’s human rights, the relationship between the Mapuche and the environment in which they live and the presence of foreign companies in those regions will be a focal point for FOLIL during this international conference.

The cornerstone of this organization is composed of striving for justice, equality and equal opportunities; along with adherence to international treaties based on exclusively peaceful measures FOLIL is hopeful that this session will promote these values with respect to the indigenous people of Chile and the world.

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