March 7, 2023
Images: The funeral of Rafael Railaf Caniu
Lof Manuel Chavarria, Wallmapu

Railaf Caniu

Everything starts with a prayer of the Lonko, asking the Ngen of the forest
for permission to use little part of its tree.

Preparing the location to receive hundreds of Mapuche people
during four days
Mapuche flag

Meanwhile the first Mapuche prayers starts to great
Rafael Railaf Caniu in his house with music and dance

Different communities are participating with their own singers and dancers

Lonko Francisco Railaf Zuñiga is the main person who leads all the ceremonies,
together with the sons and daughters of Rafael.
The Lonko is playing the legendary drum which is design and made by Mapuche
living in the Netherlands

Lonko Francisco Railaf Zuñiga

All participants held a 24 hours vigil, during 4 days with music
and dance according Mapuche tradition

Rafael doesn't carry a cross on his coffin but the symbol of his Mapuche ancestors

The location was guarded by Konas, Mapuche fighters who were protecting the ceremonies.
They also woke up people before the sun came up, using only traditional instruments.

A Lonko plays the drum while the Mapuche women encourage the dancers, the men dance barefoot
because that is the only way to be in contact with the earth

The MCR flag. Rafael Railaf Caniu was one of the founder of the
Movimiento Revolucionario Campesino in Chile

The Chemamull has not been used sins 1920 in a Mapuche funeral,
Rafael Railaf Caniu again made history